Frequently asked questions

How much room do I need to fatten a couple of pigs?
As much as you’d like to give them. It can be done inside, in a stable, or in a properly fenced area of land with a shelter. Either way they will need a water supply, straw bedding and proper food.  

How old will they be when I get them?
Weaners will be 8-10 weeks old and will have been weaned at least one week so they are happily established on pelleted food.  

Will I have to worm them?
Any pigs bought from Alsa Farm will have been wormed with injectable Ivomec before they leave so, you won’t need to worm them before slaughter. 

What about marking them for slaughter?
All pigs going to slaughter must bear the herd mark (two letters followed by four numbers) of the owner. This can be in the form of a metal tag in the ear or a slapmark on both shoulders.   

I thought I’d fatten them slowly over 9-10 months, is this ok?
Be aware that if they are entire boars then they will develop boar taint (a very unpleasant flavour) in the flesh if they are kept too long – so they should be slaughtered at approximately 23 weeks to avoid this.
If you are going to fatten for bacon then it would probably be best to buy gilts because there is no problem with taint. Some breeders castrate boars – we do not because we feel that it is inhumane to do so. 

In the U.K. you need a 'County or Parish Holding number' and this can be applied for by calling DEFRA on 0845 603777 You will also need a ‘Herd Mark’ After you bring pigs onto the holding you must then contact DEFRA again, this time The Animal Health Dept., to apply for a 'Herd Mark'. Both of these things must be done to comply with the law.  

Please remember that when you buy pigs from Alsa Farm we are anxious that you find raising your own pork an enjoyable and rewarding experience so we would like you to ring or e-mail for advice if you have any problems.