Our Pigs

The pigs, kept outside in the summer, can root if they wish and are given mudbaths for wallowing.

In the winter they are brought inside and live in our purpose built pig barn, it is light, airy and each pen has an insulated sleeping area with masses of barley straw for bedding.

The pigs are fed on a natural pelleted feed bought direct from the miller. The feed is free of genetically modified material and contains no antibiotic growth promoters and no added hormones. (Hormone growth promoters are forbidden in the UK but are used in other parts of the world). In addition, they are given fruit and vegetables from our kitchen garden and they especially like tomatoes and strawberries.

We aim always to keep a high quality herd and only the best animals are kept for breeding and producing stock for sale.

We give all our pigs a lot of attention so that when the young pigs are ready to go to their new homes they are already sociable and friendly.